Day 81, 1253.1 – 1281

6/29/18. 27.9 miles

Another long night tossing and turning trying not to cough to much as there are other tents close by. Feeling a bit better today.

I saw a 3 ft rattle snake which surprised me. I’ve never seen a rattle snake in the forest before so I’ve let my guard down since leaving the Socal desert. Oh well another thing to be watching out for! I saw Zina and Simon (both from Germany). Last I’d seen them they were with Jeremy headed into Bishop to resupply. Zina was trying to do 36 miles today!

It was hot today plus the sinus issues were a perfect combo for a fourth bloody nose.

I found some shade by a small creek to cool down, snack and charge my phone with the solar panel. When I was leaving my phone wouldn’t start up! It had been at 50% charge before hooking up to the solar panel. My fear now is whether or not it fried my phone! Just Great….😔my campsite tonight is on top of a ridge above the town of Belden with reception. Now I’m going through the scenarios of find and getting to a Verizon store. Oh well, roll with the punches…

Lookout Rock mile 1559.9

Towards the end of the day I saw Laura, a hiker I’d been leapfrogging. I asked if I could send a message to Kelly about the dead phone, she said no problem.

More stuffy nose and somewhat upset stomach. Laying here in my tent listening to fly’s and bees go by. It seems like I set up at an intersection, lots of buzzing traffic. I imagine them riding mini motorcycles by the sounds.

Tomorrow into Belden for breakfast and resupply.


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