Day 82, 1281 – 1295.3 Belden resupply.

6/30/18. 14.3 miles

This morning is 7 miles downhill to town. Word on trail is that there’s a music festival in Belden this weekend and to keep a watchful eye on my belongings.

First order of business was to plug my phone into a power outlet and see if it shocks it to life. Low and behold after a minute the charging symbol appeared!!!! IT’S ALIVE!! Such relief…. thought for sure it was a goner.

Next order was breakfast and stick around for lunch. Turned out neither were very exceptional, oh well it’s calories! The world cup was on tv too which was great to see. It sucks not being able to keep up with the games. I ended up leaving town at 1:00 after my backup battery had charged. It’s a brutal 12 mile climb out of this valley, hot and a south facing slope(the usual). Fortunately only about 4 miles of it was exposed. The day ended with camping about halfway up the hill.

Here is the epicenter of Belden, what can’t be seen are the hundred of tents for festival attendies.

Love❤️notes in my box again!

In festival fashion, I found some plush purple shag carpet to organize my resupply, comfy! Three people came up and chatted with me about hiking the trail. Must be pretty obvious I’m not here for the festival lol. I’ve never been to a music festival before, it’s definitely a mix of alternative people and outfits lol. It was actually fun to be around and watch.

I thought this was really cool, I love old mechanical things.


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