Day 84, 1320.4 – 1346.3 Boundry Spring and Halfway home.

7/2/18. 25.9 miles

Halfway Day! I arrived at the monument by 7:00am, nobody else around. Reflecting on the last 1325 miles it’s so strange to think how far it is and what its taken to get here. So many people I’ve met from many places on the globe. So much encouragement from family and friends has kept my sometimes wavering mind on track. Thank you everyone at home and whom I’ve met along the way.

Such a coincidence that who is coming up highway 36 at the exact time that I’m walking across it. Nocello! His parents are here to visit him for a few days. Crazy to see him pull up lol.

The pollen was crazy thick today at the highway crossing. Cars there had a green pollen coating on them and I could see clouds of it. Improvised dust mask just add water👍.

I see another opportunity to soak my feet!

I got dizzy this afternoon, ate something and it went away. Sometimes I’m to focused and forget that I need to keep shoveling in the food.

Tomorrow is a 19 mile stretch through the Lassen Volcanic National Park.


One thought on “Day 84, 1320.4 – 1346.3 Boundry Spring and Halfway home.

  1. Love ya Mike. What a wonderful birthday call from you. Thank you for making it an awesome 75th!!
    Keep on trekking, we’re all living our dream through your experiences.


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