Day 85, 1346.3 – 1377.3

7/3/18. 31 miles

Today was mostly downhill and 1day away(light pack) from resupply in the town of Old Station. I passed through Warner Valley Campground and changed into shorts. A couple, Linda and Anthony camping nearby came over and asked about my hike. They ended up giving me an apple and blueberries! Thank you!

When I left the campground I met Claudia and Steve who were out for a day hike. They gave me an orange and very soft chocolate chip cookie! Wow it’s my lucky day for Trail Magic πŸ‘ thanks again, really made my day.

Claudia and Steve

Thumbs up, my orange at lunch πŸ‘Œ

Here is a Terminal Geyser, I didn’t get very close. It was strange to hear air coming out of the ground and the air smells strongly of sulfur. The breeze was blowing the steam cloud towards me so views were limited. Not but 2 miles away I was drinking from Boundry Spring. It’s interesting there is so much going on under foot.

This cavern collapsed beside the trail. That tree dropped in and remains alive, for scale the tree is close to 2ft diameter. I couldn’t tell how deep the hole is, at least 20 ft.

More charred forest.

I arrived got to Old Station late and found a pine grove to set up my tent near the highway. I’d heard we could camp behind the gas station (1/4 mile away) but decided not to. I’m so close to another breakfast at JJ’s restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Day 85, 1346.3 – 1377.3

  1. Dear mike, You are an inspiration! We were so happy to meet you on the trail on day 85. Your journey is fascinating. Your family and friends sustain you. I wish you peace and beauty in the mountains. Mountains are our best healers. πŸ™‚ we were the orange and cookie givers. Love and peace to you.


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