Day 87, 1397.2 – 1409.7 Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

7/5/18. 12.5 miles

Its been 300 miles since Reno (6/20) and a real shower so Kelly suggested taking a break at Burney Mountain Guest Ranch which ended up being much needed. I’m sure she knew I wouldn’t stop on my own accord 🙄. It’s a very relaxing place. For $65 I got a tent site, 2 lunches, a breakfast, dinner, 2 ice creams, butterfinger candy bar, shower, laundry, chocolate milk plus a friendly white dog to pet. It’s a great deal and done on the honor system by which you write down what you’ve taken from their pantry.

There ended up being about 8 hikers here. It’s interesting how many hikers are just hours behind once you take some time off. At this point in the journey we all seem to have fairly similar paces. Although, there are a few reportedly doing 35+ miles a day regularly. The day was basically spent eating and catching up on the blog.


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