Day 88, 1409.7 – 1432.7

7/6/18. 23 miles

After having Waffle’s, eggs and sausage I was back on trail by 10:30. I past a gal from the Netherlands named Sideways and didn’t see anyone for the rest of the day.

This is Burney Falls State Park, the river above spreads out through the rocks! Still fourth of July weekend, there were alot of people here. I must be the tour guide type because I was asked for directions around the park twice haha. I missed seeing the bridge where Stand By Me was filmed. It showed having to cross railroad tracks but I never did😔.

I took lunch on the far side of Lake Britton Dam.

A flower that I don’t recall seeing so far.

The tendon on the front of my left ankle is aching(the one that lifts the foot), will need to be mindful of this. It mainly hurts when going downhill planting my foot.

259 miles to Oregon! I’m feeling an urgency to get there.

Oregon and Washington=958miles


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