Day 89 and 90, 1432.7 – 1501.7

Day 89 7/7/18. 33.3 miles

Here comes Mt Shasta! I’m not going to summit this one.

Today was alot of bushwhacking and wearing my bug headnet. The headnet helps from being scraped in the face by brush and more irritating are small flies that hover close to your eyes.

Sunset through the forest.

Day 90 7/8/18. 37.5 miles including the 1.6 mile side trail.

This morning I saw 2 bears by 7:00am and a 3rd at 11:00! One was on trail ahead of me walking the same direction as me as I came around a corner. I had time to video but instead made myself known and it took off running down the trail. Then I thought, I really hope there isn’t a hiker up there. That’d be one hell of a way to start the morning with a bear charging at you! The others were just off trail and were quick to run.

Tomorrow is resupply at Castella, CA. I knew it would be a long day but not this long. There ended up not being tentsites on the long decent into Castella so I just decided to push through to the Castle Crag State Campground. I ended the day setting up the tent at 9:00pm.

This is why there are a lack of tentsites, most of the day was on a side hill.

I came across this PCT register laying on the ground by the trail with a can of different colored pencils.

It says there is WiFi at the fire pits but mine wasn’t working. I guess you have to actually light a fire?


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