Day 91 and 92, Castella Resupply 1501.7 – 1536.8

7/9/18. 5.5 miles

Not much to report today, got to the gas station a bit before they opened at 7:00. When they opened I got 2 breakfast burritos and a coffee. The post office is right next door and I had one package still on it’s way that got misdirected somewhere in California. This meant waiting around until likely noon to see if it would arrive. Long story short it didn’t arrive so I resupplied with some food items at the gas station, enough to get me to Etna, CA in 3 days. I was back on trail at 2pm and chose to only do 5 miles ending at 1507.2

7/10/18. 1507.2-1536.8. 29.6 miles

Happy 75th birthday Aunt Paula

Mt Shasta.

Interesting lines in the rock.

This is Kate, Butter(his trail name from the Appalachian Trail) and Dagmar the German Shepard. I met them a Deadfall Lake and shared some whiskey 😁. Thank you for some much needed conversation guys! Stay safe fire fighting.

Makeshift fill spout at a spring πŸ‘

Deadfall Lake at dusk.

I’ve developed a blister on my right heel yesterday and my ankles are hurting more than usual today. Ibuprofin and massage/stretches tonight.


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