Day 95, Zero day.

I decided to take a day off and let my ankle get some recovery plus do some blogging catch up. Etna is a great little town. Population in 1900 (500), in 2016 (716).

What’s this! An actual working payphone. I can’t even recall the last one I’ve seen, can you?

The building at left is now a museum but was the first town Hall, which also housed the fire department, library and jail, was built to resemble Independence Hall in Philadelphia

The building at right is a newly remodeled restaurant and the front exterior entry has some of the same glass walkway panels as seen below.

This walkway leading into the Hiker Hutcame from San Francisco, I believe at some point after the great fire in 1851 Dave said. These glass inlaid concrete panels were used were the basements of buildings extended out into sidewalks. The glass basically became a skylight for the basement.

Dave said that the Hiker Hut used to be a horse stable.

The house built in 1877 is now a Bed and Breakfast.

Here are bikes we can use to get into the heart of town about halfway mile away. My first trip into town one of the neighbors said “good morning, how are you!”…. I was a little surprised, truely a small town feeling.

Front porch, I love it!

Tool/Hobby shed.

Outside of the Hiker Hut, it holds 4 bunk beds, couch, tv, shower & toilet, refrigerator and sink. Washer and dryer are in the basement of the house for hikers to use.


3 thoughts on “Day 95, Zero day.

  1. I continue to love your blog and pictures. I am so happy that you found your wallet. Good luck with the sore ankles. Soon on to OR. Keep up the great work.


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