Day 96, 1599.7 – 1623.7

7/14/18. 24 miles

It’s time to get back on the trail today. However, first to get some breakfast so I walked to Wildwood Crossing Coffee about half mile away for coffee and a burrito. It’s a bit sad to leave this place because of the “Andy Griffith” feel of the town.
My ankle feels pretty good with a day off so let’s hope it holds up.

Here is Dave sending me back to the trail. Wish I’d thought to take a picture of him and Vicki. They are quite busy with all they have going on. Thank you for sharing your home, it was a great break.

I was back on trail by 10:00am and had my tent set up by 8:00pm. Late start meant a late day to get the miles done. The interesting or rather frustrating occurrence of the day were the bees. I swear every 10-15 minutes a bee would circle my head 2-5times, this happened all day! Its like the movie Top Gun and Maverick flying by the tower(me) for fun I thought to myself.

I recognize the word Klamath, Oregon is close!

There was actually still a bit of snow up to the left melting into this lake.

This is Goaltech, he and two of his buddies were section hiking south bound. One of his friends was Tom Spencer from Yakima! Goaltech carries the sack full of potato chips and other items to give to thru-hikers as Trail Magic! Thank you Goaltech!


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