Day 97, 1623.7 – 1655.9 Seiad Valley

7/15/18 32.2 miles

As I was brushing my teeth this morning these two decided to get close and check out what was going on in their neighborhood. This is the first buck that hadn’t run away. The one on the right has a broken antler dangling. Check out my Instagram for the video of them walking up(if it ever decides to upload!)

That rocky mountain is marble, “Marble Mountain Wilderness”. I saw some nice chunks of marble that had my craftsmanship dreaming.

California has so much burnt forest😔

The last 6 miles into Seiad Valley is a gravel and asphalt road walk.

It seems that I read something at the coffee shop about gold mining and that gold dredge’s were used around here. It may be difficult to see but there are the tell tale piles of tailings on the far riverbank. Turns out (websearch 👍) a dredge was floated down the Klamath river in 1941.

I pushed my limits today in regards to my ankle issue. Most of the afternoon was downhill which is the harder part of hiking in my opinion. As I was approaching Seiad Valley city limits guess who passes on the highway then backs up? Miles to Go and Flashgordan! This marks the second highway coincidence of meeting fellow hikers. Their plans have changed and are headed home via a long road trip. It’s so great to see them again. Last we saw each other was at Forester Pass 43 days ago! Thank you guys for the short hitch to the RV park, my ankle appreciated it! I can’t wait to catch up over breakfast tomorrow!!

Here’s Miles to Go and Flashgordan from waaay back on May 9 I believe.

The RV park had WiFi so I took to some surfing the web for self diagnosis of my ankle pains. I presumed it to be Anterior Tidial Tendonitis which matches the function of lifting and slowing (for impact) the foot. The downhill slapping has been what flares it up. I’ll be slowing down for a few days for sure. Katie ended up sending me a better diagnosis website and treatment options to look at. Turns out tight laces can put pressure on this tendon so I’ll be loosening them up a tad.


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