Day 98, 1655.9 – 1670.7

7/16/18. 14.8 miles

This morning is breakfast with Miles and Flash at the Cafe! Great talking to you both and we’ll definitely stay in touch! Good luck on your new prospects.

There were a bunch of these old tin signs on the walls.

Water is in short supply today so I left Seiad Valley with 3 liters(7lbs!). This is Lookout Spring and barely dripping from the pipe. Many wasps are here as well doing their business, I just had to reach in slowly and hope they didn’t go bazerk. We’re all here for one reason, let’s get along!

I was on trail after breakfast by about 9:30 and the valley was supposed to be 106 degrees today. The climb out of the valley was typical (up,up, up), I went slowly today and ended with 15 Miles. The ankle is still swelling and hurt most of the day. Tomorrow will be another slow day of 20 or so miles. Callahan’s lodge is 2 days away and new shoes & inserts await me! For now its ibuprofin.

It’s 8:30 and another hiker has arrived to camp, his name is Ferrari from Italy. I recognize him from the Hiker Hut in Etna.


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