Day 99, 1670.7 – 1696.1 Oregon is underfoot! FINALLY

7/17/18. 25.4 miles

As I get closer to Oregon the Ashland fire smoke looms.

Behold the mountains of Oregon, it is so exciting to see this.

Here is the Trail Register with my pack. Nobody was here to celebrate with or take better photos of me. I’m getting good at selfies😁

After about 2 miles I round a corner to see this tower of smoke! Kelly mentioned that there was a fire near here, I usually don’t have data service so she texts me fire info👍. I have to be prepared for an alternate route away from the fire so I start looking at my maps. There are forest service roads nearby and also a lake, check👌. The trail leads in the direction of the fire so I proceeded with caution! As I got up to the ridge I could tell it was 2-3 miles away from the trail.

Yup it’s still swelling up. The campsite for tonight has to best spring water I’ve seen so far out of all California. Very cold and a solid flow, so cold I couldn’t stand in it very long to soak my ankle.

So long California you beautiful bitch, lol. 99 days/1696 miles. Desert, Sierra’s snowy passes, burnt forests and forests that reminded me of Rimrock Lake area back home. So many vistas, so many great people along the way and so much encouragement from family, friends and a supportive spouse/resupply master😘 to get here! Thank you so much everyone!

Next goal Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks in 450 miles.


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