Day 100, 1696.1 – 1717.7 Callaghan Lodge

7/18/18. 21.6 miles

Today is resupply day at Callahan’s lodge near Ashland,Or. I can tell immediately today will be a smokey one!

Islands in a sea of smoke. View from my tentsite this morning.

I saw this and had to capture it. To get the right exposure I put the sun behind the middle tree.

Fresh pieces of charred tree bark are on the trail this morning. Scary to think these blew over a mile to get here. This went on for probably 5 more miles of trail. This section of trail was closed the next day.

Above, two layers of smoke in the valley.

Above and below, Two different focus points. I think the one below is better.

I had Kelly send a dust mask in an earlier resupply due to the pollen a few weeks ago and it’s hand to have today.

Trail Magic, cold sodas! To whomever did this thank you!

Trail Magic from Arizona! Mom and dad bought me accommodations for the night! I had no idea Callahan’s Lodge was this nice. Jenny also sent a gift card that I used for breakfast and dinner! Thank you everyone😘. To anyone wondering what to send a thru-hiker on the trail, I think gift cards are most useful because they’re small, lightweight and can be used for essentials that often come up!👌

I soon had a messy room getting my resupply stuff organized.

This is an out building where hikers can shower and do laundry away from the hotel. I thought this photo was pretty funny! The toilet paper holder and the progression of usage, hiker arms must get longer or some pre-planning needs to be done lol!

Pair #4 (Altra TMP) of shoes in the trash, I didn’t much care for this model, glad to see them go. These insoles have lasted close to 2000 miles and still feel similar to the new ones!

Currently about 17 miles of trail are closed ahead of Callahan’s so I’ll be road walking around it tomorrow.


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