Day 101, 1717.7 – 1739.9 PCT Fire Closure

7/19/18. 22.2 miles

Today is a long road walk of about 17 miles around a fire closure. Some have chosen to either hitch around or walk through the closure area. It ended up being a great day.

Here is a random book exchange box next to the road outside someone’s house. It seemed out of place, I couldn’t imagine it gets used but maybe it does.

I saw this monument in the bushes. This road was constructed 1858-1860, I imagine wagons coming through here as I walked along.

Umm…… I don’t think this land owner is joking around.

This is a steep hill off the side of the road. A perfectly placed hood from an old car in the forest. Who, what ,why, when goes through my mind.

Water sources on fire detours aren’t really reported on so I went into this walk blind on how much water to carry. Fortunately this lake came up as I was running out. The unfortunate part is the quality of the water, lots of floating stuff. I had to wade out about 10 feet to get away from the muddy shore.

This detour away from the highway wasn’t posted online or mentioned anywhere. I’m glad it was posted because the highway shoulder was getting narrower to walk on. A trail angel named Aiyana Green posted this detour and also provided a water cache further up the road! Thank you!! As soon as I started this detour Aiyanas dad pulled up and we talked for a bit.

This is Ty another Trail Angel who stopped and offered me some beverages! A cold Beer and a 100% coconut water drink. Thank you Ty!

This is a single turbine powerplant on a creek. I’ve never seen one like this before.

Aiyanas water cache👌

Above, Another trail angel Marilyn stopped earlier to talk and then left water & fresh blueberries next to the road by her house!

I finally made it to the north end of the fire closure!

Sunset over Ashland in the distance I believe.

I enjoyed this road walk, seeing some history and meeting the people! A successful day I think!


2 thoughts on “Day 101, 1717.7 – 1739.9 PCT Fire Closure

  1. Thanks for the update and commentsry! Seeing and hiking through all that smoke must be a bit sobering to think of all that beautiful scenery being burned.
    P.S. Some of the pictures didn’t post.


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