Day 102 – 103, 1739.9 – 1792

Day 102

7/20/18. 23.5 miles

Outlet Spillway at Little Hyatt Reservoir.

Here is a random notebook set inside a hollow log. It’s here for anyone passing by to write stories in. I didn’t partake in the story telling and should have taken a picture of the inside cover which explains it’s purpose, essentially a compelation of stories.

This is Jay (Owner) at Apserkaha Campground just off the PCT. For us it’s a water source with a shaded picnic table and power! Jay gave me a banana and apple!

Trail sculptures that someone ahead of me made πŸ‘Œ. What would you call this?

My people were here😁. I focus intently on these shoes prints to see if I recognize who’s ahead.

Today wasn’t very eventful and I didn’t sleep well last night. It’s 6pm and I’m already for bed!

Day 103

7/21/18 1763.4 – 1792

28.6 miles

I pushed for a little longer mileage day today as I’m trying to get to Bend(180miles away) by next Saturday. Kelly is going to come visit and Mike Wurtz is letting us crash at his house πŸ‘. Aww to be in an actual residential home and no 11am checkout time!! Sooo excited for this.

Kelly mentioned exiting the trail at Elk Lake Resort which knocks off 30ish miles. This is a good option otherwise I’d need to do 30mile days to make it in time.

I arrived early to camp tonight at about 5:30 and I’m beat again! The location is South Brown Mountain Shelter. There are others here as well sleeping inside the shelter. I chose to set up my tent rather than risk a night of listening to mice run about. Time for a quick dinner and early to bed again. A deer just walked by my tent, lol.

Oh, my ankle seems to be feeling better. I think taking it slower on downhills and tightening laces less has helped. This picture below is a few days ago, you can see the swelling of my left ankle(right side of pic).


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