Day 104, 1792 – 1820.9 Crater Lake Campground

7/22/18. 28.9 miles

This morning was about the mosquitos! I wear my bandana to help poof out the bugnet so they have a harder time bitting me. My sun shirt seems to be mosquito resistant which is a plus.

So much of the PCT in Oregon is burnt! Today consisted of a 20 mile waterless stretch. Within this burnt area was supposedly a water spring but I didn’t see it.

The end goal for the day was Mazama Village, a state campground with a general store and restaurant. I arrived late probably about 7:00 and headed straight to the restaurant. I had a hamburger, 2 sodas,2 waters and a peach crumble desert. Second objective was the get my resupply box from the general store, check👌.

As I’m waiting in line for the resupply box to be retrieved I spot chocolate milk in the cooler. Yumm, I think I’ll have one of those too!(stomach disagreement in the background). With my box in hand I head to the Hiker/Biker tent area about a 1/4 mile walk and blissfully drink my milk.

Soon after getting my tent assembled my stomach says “I told you so”….I lay in my tent thinking if I just find the right position to lay all will be well. Nope! Time to exit the tent and throw up 😨. I immediately feel better, at least it appeared to only be the milk and didn’t waste the burger! LoL. Lesson here is to pace myself when eating but it’s so so hard not to literally stuff my face. I assume my stomach has probably shrunk too?

It’s extremely smokey in the campground. Besides the wildfire smoke all of the RV campers had campfires going too! It was surprising that fires are still allowed.

Tomorrow I get to see Crater Lake and walk the Rim Trail. Hopefully the smoke will subside so I can see the views.

My right ankle is getting tender on the bottom of the inner ankle bone. I think this too is from impact on the ground towards the end of the day. Another pain to manage…..


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