Day 105, 1820.9 – 1856 Crater Lake Rim Trail

7/23/18. 35.1 miles

When I get home I need to learn more about the lake. It’s a facinating area to see.

Above is an informational sign about the Crater Lake Eruption and below a picture I took of the same mountain left standing.

Here is a water cache in a long waterless stretch. I’m not sure who’s responsible for this but thank you!

I was walking along after Crater Lake and wouldn’t have noticed this firefighter but his radio went off. He’s here watching for spot fires.

Here is my trail today covered by dead falls.

My pack is covered with fresh Ash from another nearby fire.

Here is another highway(138) coincidence!! As I’m refilling my water bottle look who’s getting dropped off, Ferrari! Last I saw him was 5 days ago before Callahan’s Lodge.

Donuts!??wow…they were pretty dry from the sun but oh well.

Smiles with mouths full.


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