Day 107 – 108, 1889.4 – 1911

Day 107

7/25/18. 1889.4-1911 21.6 miles

Today was a short day and detour into Shelter Cove for resupply and food. Ferrari took a shortcut to the resort yesterday that cut 7 miles off, he beat me by 1 hr today. As we sat at the picnic table I asked Ferrari and another hiker to see the soles of their shoes because I’d been following this print that looks like a peanut. They instantly knew who I was talking about and thought it looked like a Nutter Butter cookie. The owner of this print is named CousCous, someone I haven’t met. At least I have a name now.

They had a grassy lawn, it felt sooo good to lay on soft lawn instead of pine needles 👍

Day 108

7/26/18 1911 – 1942.4 Mac Lake 31.4 miles

This morning my legs felt like lead, maybe it’s post town syndrome lol.

More old fire damaged area’s.

Full moon tonight at Mac Lake. I took a swim earlier when I arrived. I think it’s the first lake swim so far, I’m more partial to creeks than lakes. The mosquitos were the most insane so far, another hiker went running by me trying to get away from them this afternoon!

Ferrari, Spiderman, Clax and several others are camped here tonight.

Tomorrow is a short 10 miles, 1.5 side trail into Elk Lake Resort and getting off trail for a day off with my buddy Mike and Kelly shows up on Saturday ❤️.


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