Day 109-111, 1942.4 – 1966.5 Elk Lake Resort to Bend, ZERO day:)

Day 109

7/26/18. 10.4 miles

Today is a lazy day 😁, only 10.4 miles on trail plus 1.5 of a side trail to Elk Lake Resort. Thankfully the mosquitos are subsiding! I arrived to Elk Lake at 10:30am, Ferrari arrived about 30minutes later and we had breakfast on the deck of the restaurant overlooking the lake. I was invited to sit with another group of 3 hikers, one guy named Foxtrot but I’ve forgotten the other names. Foxtrot is from the East coast and plans on bicycling home after completing the PCT. He’s biked no more than 20 miles before! It won’t be a problem thought, doing the PCT can prepare you for many things I think.

Ferrari left and Foxtrot.

My friend Mike Wurtz who lives in Bend will be coming to get me later this afternoon (big thank you to you Mike!). So, I had some lounging around to do with no WiFi or decent cell service. What to do, what to do…. I guess feed the bold Chipmunks that pester the resort goers! See my Instagram for a funny Chipmunk video 😁.

Ferrari and Spiderman relaxing before heading back to the trail. Spiderman is monitoring a cut on his foot he got while in a lake the other day.

At 4:00 Mike arrived and we were off to his house, yay a real house!!! Mike found out quickly one of the unpleasantries of picking up a thru-hiker, I evidently smell like a dead bird. 😁😁😁. I’ve become accustomed to the way I smell, but then I walk amongst Pine Tree car fresheners all day long. I should know better by now to freshen up more before town days, “before town days” haha that sounds so Little House on the Prairie! Lol.

I actually have bug spray called Herbal Armor that uses no deet, but instead uses oils from peppermint and other things. I’ve used it as cologneπŸ‘Œat Callahan’s Lodge 😁. Now I’ll be sure to use it again!

Mike was a great host and made steak, beers and I had couch to stretch out on! Will I be negativity affected by this supreme treatment I thought? 😁

Day 110….. Intermission (Zero). Mike made breakfast too! He’s really going out of his way to get into this blog….

Kelly arrived about 11:00 and we set off to get lunch and stop by REI to replace my air mattress. For the past 1000 miles I’ve been having to blow up my mattress once or more per night but I’ve been unable to locate the leak. REI did a total exchange since the purchase was under a year ago! I thought it was so strange to exchange something that’s been used so much and dirty to boot.

This evening Mike cooked chicken and Kelly had brought potato salad and beans. Mikes friends Paul and Mark joined for dinner. What a great evening, so thankful! Of course I was so relaxed I forgot to take pictures.

Day 111, Back to the trail

1952-1966.5. 14.5 miles

After breakfast and a grocery store stop Kelly and I said goodbye to Mike and headed back to the trail. More goodbyes to Kelly, and I was back climbing hills by 11:20. This goodbye with Kelly was much easier we decided. From here on out we’re no further than 4hrs apartβ€οΈπŸ‘ and the next meet up will be Cascade Locks, the border of WA/OR.

Look who showed up an hour later, Budlight is back. I haven’t seen him since Kennedy Meadows before entering the Sierra’s! We had some catching up to do and camped together tonight.

Snow? And look at that thick redish crust on the mountain, interesting.


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