Day 112 – 113, 1966.5-2014.8!!

Day 112

1966.5-1995.1 Big Lake Youth Camp. 28.5 miles

Today Budlight and I hiked separately. It’s not that we’re already tired of one another, rather we walk at different speeds. He faster even though he’s dealing with some shin splints and planterfashia.

Today’s sunrise.

Above is Obsidian Falls

Obsidian shimmering all over the ground. Below is a piece of Obsidian, some were soccer ball size. Obsidian is volcanic glass used by Native Americans to made tools.

Below are pictures of the Lava fields that started at mile 1982 – 1988. This was some unpleasant walking.

I haven’t seen twisted up trees for awhile.

Next objective for the day was getting to Big Lake Youth Camp for dinner and overnight stay. It’s a Seventh Day Adventist Camp that has a recently remodeled cabin specifically for PCT hikers, the best hiker facility thus far. Meals are provided 3 times a day and are free but donations are accepted. Everyone at this camp was super friendly.

Best PCT hiker sign I’ve seen, definitely photo worthy 👌

PCT hikers have to set up tents outside of the camp compound to stay overnight and the hiker hut closes at 9:00pm. This is because the camp is active with kids.

The location where we set up tents had a volleyball court.

Above is a card placed behind the kitchen faucet at the hiker cabin. I thought it was a great quote in a place where your attention is focused.

Here is the sunset from my tent on a black sand beach. I knew I would have some condensation in the morning but oh well, couldn’t pass up this real estate.

Day 113

1995.1-2014.8. 19.7 miles

This morning we packed up our wet tents and headed to the dining hall by 8:00 for breakfast! After breakfast Budlight and I walked down the wrong path talking to each other headed back to the hiker cabin. We knew we’d made a wrong turn when a girl walked out of a cabin wearing a towel. Opps sorry! We immediately did an about face and got back on the correct”trail”.

I left the Youth Camp at 9:30. Budlight was staying the day to rest his feet.

Below is the Hiker Cabin

Today was surreal that I’ve walked 2000 miles, the end is getting so close now! Ms. Poop was pretty excited too.

My eye in the sky ❤️Kelly sent word that White Pass PCT is closed now due to a fire. Hopefully this will resolve itself soon as I’m about 2 weeks away from there.


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