Day 114-115, 2014.8-2075.8


2014.8-2045.5 30.7 miles

Today is a walk around the west side of Mt Jefferson and to Ollalie Lake to stay the night. I’m seeing more and more south bound thru-hikers now too.

Above, a first view of Mt Jefferson.

Here is the third trail maintenance crew I’ve seen while on trail. This is Chase and Max from the Detroit Ranger Station, Willamette National Forest. They are rebuilding parts of trail affected by a fire. πŸ‘ Great job guys.

I believe this is last year’s burn area.

I wasn’t aware at the time I took this picture but the carcass they refer to is actually a horse that fell in the Russell Creek! I overheard this later in the evening and immediatley looked at where I had gotten water today! Fortunately Russell Creek was not one of them because the water was very silty coming directly off the mountain.

Finally I’m at a summit at the same time as some else so they could take my picture! This happened to be a father/daughter out for a day hike. Soon after this picture 2 more sets of father/daughter hikers went by that were doing more than one day. I must say, great job to these dad’s for getting one on one time. I could tell at least one daughter was probably wanting to be somewhere else. Even if she wasn’t enjoying herself in that moment someday this day will be remembered and cherished. We (father’s) must be present for and loving to our children! It doesn’t take much to make a positive impact.

SNOW! I thought I might not see anymore since the Sierra’s.

#icecreampriorities… I arrived at 7:45pm, the first purchase + a cold soda, on the stores front porch with a view.

This is on federal land and built in the mid 30’s. There is still no power here and currently runs on propane and solar.

Day 115, 8/2/18

2045.5-2075.8 30.3 miles

Today I took my time leaving the lake since the store opened at 7:00am and they had coffee. I decided it was also important to have another ice cream😁.

Now this is an old stamped tin trail marker.

Oh great let’s add another dangerous animal to my radar lol. Coincidentally Kelly sent an article about a researcher in Okanagan County,Wa that was chased up a tree by a pack of wolves and had to call for rescue!

Above is a water source, it looks unappealing but it’s actually a spring that’s rather clear and cold. Cold water =less algae growth πŸ‘

Tomorrow is Timberline Lodge made famous by the 1980 movie The Shining.


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