Day 116-117, 2075.8-2114.2 Timberline Lodge and Girl Scout Troop 3616!

Day 116 8/3/18

2075.8-2096.9 21.1 miles

Today I finally get to see this Timberline Lodge I’ve been hearing about. This 2 day post will have alot of pictures!

Above last night’s sunset at Timothy Lake.

Filtering more water at a spring. I can actually see it flowing out of the ground. Some would drink it without filtering but I’m a bit cautious, plus it only takes a minute to squeeze a liter through the Sawyer. No giardia issues so far👍.

Above, Little Crater Lake. Unfortunately with the overcast skies it wasn’t to good for pictures. The logs you see are approximately 40ft deep, sooo clear I’d love to swim but it’s not allowed.

What’s this, a Snickers wrapper without melted chocolate in it?? Today was overcast and cold for once which made eating a Snickers even more delightful.

Trail Magic by fellow thru-hiker Dan(Trail name “Burns”… because he spilt boiling water on his leg). He was taking some time off trail to tend to some foot pains and decided to give away some of his supplies he wouldn’t be using. Very organized, plentiful and cold beverages 👌thank you Dan!

Here I go again walking the trail with a cold one! Mmm

Above is Mt Hood and the final hill up to Timberline. The last 1/3 mile was sand and the wind blowing dust/sand from the left. Timberline Lodge was built from 1936-1938 by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression.

I love blacksmithing, here on the fireplace is 1″x 4″ rolled steel bar.

Dinner and dessert tonight ❤️. Afterwards it was back to the hill about 200 yards behind the lodge to camp in some trees. Budlight would be arriving soon and tomorrow is the trail famous breakfast buffet we’ll partake in.

Budlight arrived about 7:30 pm and making dinner. It was breezy so he’s using the yellow sit pad as a wind break.

Day 117


2096.9-2114.2 17.3 miles

This morning was breakfast and picking up two packages.

Morning view from beside the lodge looking South.

Gorgeous metal work.

Below, the view from out breakfast table window. Above, second floor lounging area.

Below, the entrance to the women’s bathroom.

Below, I must’ve looked strange laying down on the floor of the upstairs lounge area taking this photo. I thought it was a great view looking up the fireplace at the ceiling joists.

Here’s the axe used in the movie The Shining and for scale the fireplace from photos above.

Accolades to those responsible for the lodges design!

Girl Scout Troop 3616 from Spokane Washington sent some goodies, motivation and questions about trail life. This was a great care package that contains nuts, candy, troop cookies and mints as well as an American flag head buff signed by Shirlee, Michele,Mia, Elaine, Rachel and Makenzie!

I’m going to think about all of your questions and follow up with you in upcoming posts. Today I’ll answer a question from Rachel.

1. What do you think by far is the hardest thing you have faced?

Great question! We don’t often want to tell people about our fears or how we struggle with obstacles. My hardest thing was overcoming fear of obstacles! In this case crossing Tyndall creek and getting to the top of Forester Pass. Tyndall creek was my first swift water crossing that I’d have to get my feet wet and in rather cold temperatures. Forester Pass was also the first pass to climb and is well known for a very steep snow crossing. If I were to fall on this snow crossing it could certainly cause serious injury or death.

The night before crossing the creek I questioned whether continuing into the Sierra’s was within my capabilities. In the end I broke this into individual tasks. The first being to get across the creek safely by waiting for the water flow to subside overnight making it easier to cross in the morning. I told myself that once I get across the creek let’s see how far up Forester Pass I can get. If I reach the snow chute and it looks to be more than I’m comfortable with then I can easily turn back and figure out another plan.

I crossed that creek, climbed that pass and crossed that snow chute! The accomplishment of finding my way through these mental and physical obstacles on my own is something I won’t forget.

Above is the snow chute and a happy me after crossing it.

Stay tuned for more questions from Troop 3616 and thank you for everything you sent! You Rock!!😎❤️❤️

A sign as we left Timberline Lodge, 550 miles to go!

Here is Ellie (Fourth Wave) and Dan( Special Sauce). I arrived at a creek and paused waiting for Budlight to arrive. As I stood there with that homeless hiker appeal Special Sauce approached and asked if I was thru-hiking then offered me his last Jaffacake! Thank you Dan, I was more than happy to prevent an incident over the last Jaffacake with Ellie 😁.

Then! Budlight and I were given perfectly plump plums by John(left) and his buddies. Thanks guys they were delicious 👌.

This cloud looked like an eruption!

Wow, what a great two days. Two more days and I’ll be stepping into Washington!


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