Day 118 – 119, 2114.2 – 2146.6 Cascade Locks

Day 118 8/5/18

2114.2-2139 24.8 miles.

Today was relatively uneventful with exception of some very loud explosions in the nearby Bull Run Lake area. They were so close I swear I could feel the a shock wave and expected to see some kind of smoke cloud but the tree cover prevented any good view. I actually texted Kelly wondering if a plane had crashed as one flew over in the same moments. Soon the tree cover opened up and I could see the Columbia Gorge, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams and Mt Rainer. I’m certain this is the first time I’d been able to see all three at the same time.

Above: Yay! A first look at Mt. Adams…reaching another goal is so close.

Above: Looking back at Mt Hood, 2 days ago I was there at Timberline Lodge. It’s always crazy to look south at how far I’ve come when on top of view points.

Above: I caught up to Bud Light taking a break at this view point. He’s getting a taste for what Washington has in store for us. A realization that the end is near, 550 miles and 3-4 weeks left of this journey, a sadness is starting to set in.

Above: The remains of last years Eagle Creek fire. Having walked through many fire zones I can foresee the decades of recovery this area will need. This fire happened last September and started by fireworks during a burn ban. Inside this burn area is Tea Kettle Spring (2139.0) where we stopped to get water for the evening. We met a new PCT hiker named Peanut Feet relaxing here, he’s from Germany.

Day 119 8/6/18, Into Cascade Locks!

2139-2146.6 7.6 miles

Yesterday we could have pushed into Cascade Locks like some others but there isn’t a rush and we’d like to arrive there for breakfast in the morning. Besides, we still have food to eat before the coming resupply. Kelly, Morgan, Sarah and Korin(Morgans GF) will be to town at 3pm today!

Above: A sunrise descent into Cascade Locks.

Below: The first sight of civilization is always exciting, that’s Stevenson WA on the north shore of the Columbia River.

Bud Light, Black Hole and I arrived at Bridgeside Family Dining about 9:00am and look who dropped in for a surprise visit, Joe Valenzuela a long-time family friend. When I was in grade school I lived across the street from him and his family. He is also best friends with Kelly’s father. Who knew that years later I would meet Kelly in High school accounting class, go to senior prom and go on to marry her! It was a great surprise Joe and thank you for breakfast!!

Above: All of our tents set up at Marine Park Campground. My tent is in center frame. To the left of the picture behind the line of trees is a train track. My treat tonight, learning what it feels like to try and sleep 40 yards away from a passing train.

Below: Bud Light(Tim) relaxing after setting up his tent.

Above/Below: Out to dinner at the Ale House with Kelly and the Kids. To get the best smile out of Morgan a few fingers into his ribs should do the trick. I’m still stronger than he thinks! I have to be careful with Sarah, her self defense skills may kick in and this photo could go a different way lol.

Kelly baked a chocolate and creme filled bunt cake sprinkled with powdered sugar!, cookies and made macaroni salad for today’s visit! So much food that we had to share with other hikers. Ferrari, Glamour Puss, Ranger, Spiderman and Peanut Feet among others are at the campground tonight. It was a much anticipated and needed visit today from Kelly and the kids. It is comforting to be so close to home now. Tomorrow we cross the Bridge of The Gods and start the long ascent out of the Columbia River.


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