Day 122 – 123, 2197.9-2223.8 Trout Lake

Day 122 8/9/18

2197.9 – 2223.8  25.9 miles

The noteworthy item of the day, I went for a swim in Blue Lake (2205.3) by myself. It was so nice!  At some point in the day I had cell reception and called Kelly. As we talked Glamour Puss came walking up the trail behind me and I handed him my phone while Kelly was in mid sentence. She was surprised when an Australian voice said “Hello Kelly” lol. It was a brief moment for a few laughs.   

Above: Bud Light, Black Hole and I making our dinner. We made it into camp early at about 5:30pm which is great because we can sit around and BS more before bed. This site is near a stream and there are probably 5-10 other hikers set up just out of the photo. Below: More Trail Art, someone must have an unsatisfied pizza craving.

Day 123 8/10/18

2223.8 – 2244.3  20.5 miles

Today we went into the town of Trout Lake for breakfast and so Tim(Bud Light) could get his resupply box. Before leaving Ashland, Or. he mailed all of his resupply packages for Washington.

Above: Breakfast at the Cafe. I believe Bud Light is motioning that I should focus the camera on Black Hole or 4 out of 5 fingers are cramping. Below: Glamour Puss(Left) clowning around with his “cane” trekking pole and Ranger(Right). If you recall I first met Ranger as she was being dropped off back to the trail in Etna, Ca on day 94 which in turn got me a ride into Etna at 8:30pm.

Below: An organized General Store which stocks a lot of what hikers want. Very friendly people as well. I of course bought ice cream, a pop and wet wipes.

Above: Trail Angel Doug who happened to be at the road when we needed a ride into Trout Lake, great timing! During the ride into town he mentioned a history of dairy farming and cheese caves in the area. Lava tubes were used to store cheese due to their cool temperatures. I had no idea about this and will have to look up more about this, evidently the cheese produced here is great! Below: A pair of boots sitting patiently waiting for their owner to return! Maybe someone decided barefoot was better? Very odd to find these seemingly abandoned….

As we walked the edge of Mt Adams I heard at least 4 rumbling noises and vibrations. I assume this was from rock slides. This is still considered a potentially active volcano that last erupted 1400 years ago.  We also had to get wet crossing a stream today ( I think it was Adams Creek), I looked upstream for a dry crossing but had no luck. This is the first water crossing I’ve had to do since the Sierras.

Congratulations to Katie, today she received her white coat for medical school. Looks like I had enough time to attend the ceremony 🙂 ! Best wishes, you’ll do great!


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