Day 132 – 133, 2413.8 – 2464.1 Hiker fell off trail.

Day 132 8/19/18
2413.8 – 2439.8. 26 miles
Last night Morgan received his trail name of “Prince” by Bud Light. He was laying in his hammock so rather than having him get out I made him his dinner (not a difficult task, just boiled water in a dehydrated meal) and took it to him or rather “served” it to him on his swinging throne. Be careful it’s simple acts that will get you labeled lol! Morgan gladly accepted the name.

Above/Below: Morning wake up, Morgan decided to bring his hammock rather than a tent. I was a bit nervous about the decision with weather gradually changing and rain the other day but it worked out and he stayed warm. Bud Light dismantling his tent, in the background the bridge has collapsed and a log down steam give me some flash backs to crossing logs in the Sierras. A PCT hiker named Tinker came in late to camp and slipped crossing the log getting one leg wet. Last time I saw him was at VVR (mile 878).

Below: Black Hole was bitten a few days ago on the left thumb, the swelling increased so much that I had him draw a line with a pen to monitor it. Benadryl helped but made him very tired and he soaked it is the cold streams whenever possible. The bite location had small blisters with an area about the diameter of a penny.

Smoke seems to be getting worse today.
Below: At about 12:30 I came upon Bud light helping a PCT hiker “Lazarus” back onto the trail. Lazarus had fallen about 15ft tumbling down over large rocks. He was pretty banged up on his exposed arms and had also hit his nose, blood can be seen on the rocks below. Once he was back onto the trail and sitting down Bud light asked Lazarus some basic questions, “how many fingers am I holding up”…”what year is it”. He answered correctly but is obviously a bit shaken so I offer to carry his pack to the next water source, Waptus River (2427.8) 2.5 miles down the hill.
Morgan and I set off to the river which also happens to be where we camped last year. We’ll meet Bud Light there as he will follow Lazarus to be sure he makes it down ok. The river and campsites will give a good place to gather his thoughts and clean wounds. I had to have Morgan take over carrying the pack, after about 1.5 miles my shoulders couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve ran through many scenarios in the past few months wondering what I may walk upon or what if I break an ankle or worse and nobody is around. Although there are many hikers on the trail it is possible to not see help fer several hours. Fortunately this fall was visible, he didn’t break bones and we were literally only 5 minutes away. Great teamwork.

Below: Taking a break at Waptus River, Lazarus in the far background wearing black. The last and first time I met him was at mile 91 water cache!

Above: Morgan and I, Hobo’s under a bridge soaking sore feet :).

Above: I came upon Bud Light taking a moment to soak it all in, the end of the trail is getting close. You need to take time and reflect on where you’ve been, what’s right in front of you and what lies ahead. This is at mile 2434.8 Deep Lake, he comments later that this is an area he must revisit someday without smoke.

Day 133. 8/20/18

2439.8-2464.1. 24.3 miles

Above: Goaltech and daughter Paintbrush headed southbound giving out trail magic AGAIN. If you recall I met Goaltech when I got back on trail just outside of Etna, Ca. (1599.0). He has his own blog as well,

Above: I had to take this smoke filtered sun and reflection on the lake. For days the light has been filtered, shining through the forest as if passing through an orange stained glass window.
Below: Stevens Pass Ski area, if you look closely you might see Kelly and Korin at the corner of the two story building being goof balls, Insert faint yelling sounds from them lol.

Success looks like 4 guys on a tailgate with cold beverages. Great job Morgan, 70 miles in 3 days keeping up with a thru-hiker at this point is a great accomplishment. You got a crash course look and aches of a thru-hikers life.

Now we’re heading to Leavenworth for dinner and taking a zero at the KOA.


4 thoughts on “Day 132 – 133, 2413.8 – 2464.1 Hiker fell off trail.

  1. Amazing blog Mike, I’ve enjoyed every post! I’m really jealous of your accomplishment as I have only done a piece of the PCT in Oregon years ago. Way to go, on the home stretch!!!! Wahoo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I saw you the second time my mind did a little short circuit lol. It’s not often we see the same hikers headed the same direction hundreds of miles apart. Thank you for that mobile Trail Magic, that’s a feat in itself! And for getting Paintbrush out there with you, good job dad!! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog too👍. Take Care and its great to get your message


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