Day 23, Deep Creek Bridge 298.5 to Grass Valley Creek 317.9

Rain is better than snow I guess, all night long it came. About midnight I realized I setup camp on a sand dune of the creek. What can I say I was tired. I recall seeing a flood warning now in one of the forecasts but I was ok. However, I did have 3 rocks come down the hill during the night which was more concerning.

And so it was again packing up in the rain and wetish quilt. Today it appeared I’d be walking in the rain. On trail by 7:00 and by 10:00 I could make out some blue skies so there was some hope.

Deep Creek Hot Springs was a great rest break and the clouds had mostly parted so it was also tome to dry out the tent and quilt.

Remember to smile Mike! Matt(by my head), Ross from Virginia going into gradschool for chemical engineering, unknown guy, and Crayola from Portland with the blue hair, the Lambert sisters from Selah,wa are just out of photo. All great people to be around.

Hot spring coming out of the ground to a makeshift hot tub. There have been a surprising amount of water springs so far.

Rainbow painted bridge.

Today was 20miles and tomorrow is 24 miles to Cajon Pass and McDonald’s, everyone is excited! The campsite at Grass Valley Creek is packed tonight with about 12 tents as it’s a water source.


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