Day 25, Cajon Pass to Acorn Trail 363.4

Today I was up at 4:30am and walking by 5:00 (by moonlight as my headlamp batteries were low) due to a 5200ft climb over 20miles plus a 2.5 mile side trail down 2300ft into Wrightwood to resupply. It was going to be ambitious for sure.

It may be difficult to tell from this picture but the tallest peak Mt San Gorgonio (still with a little snow at 11,900 ft) and Mt San Jacinto can be seen(farthest at right). I took a moment to visually take in how far I’ve come. I was on San Jacinto 180 miles and 10 days ago.

An observation about time, it really is flying by. Soon I’ll have been out here for 1 month and it’s difficult to wrap my head around that. Never once have I said to myself “it’s only Tuesday!” Like I would normally do at the 9-5 job. On the opposite hand thru-hikers have the brain short circuit moments of “what day is it anyway?” Our job, essentially, is to walk 8-12hrs a day, eat and sleep. Maybe the normal perception of time is exactly how I’m experiencing it now due to being focused. Like a rare occasion that I’m focused on a work task and all the sudden it’s noon. Being that focused all day every day is new and I may be realizing that this is what people mean by “if you love your job it won’t feel like it’s a job”?

By 4:30 I had made it to the Acorn Trailhead that leads down to Wrightwood. I was completely spent of energy and decided to camp on the ridge nearby. I didn’t meet my goal but was still proud of the effort. If I still had the energy I would be on the fence deciding between going into town late or holding up and going in at dawn. My exhaustion decided this part for me.

Secondly, there was a decision of taking the Acorn Trail which is 2.5 miles and 2300ft down which is pretty steep. Likewise, I could continue another 6 miles (3hrs) to the HWY crossing and hitch 5 minutes into town. I’m not sure what my problem is with hitchhiking as it seems common place near the PCT. After all I just did it in and out of Big Bear, but not via my thumb.

Anyway, I decided I would use the Acorn Trail and get some breakfast by 7:30 tomorrow.


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